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Träsket 3,8 km – mire complex with variety

The nature reserve of Träsket is a Natura 2000 area with varying open and partly wet fens where various sedges and reeds grow, and with open ponds amidst dwarf shrubs. Within the area, several different types of mires are found, such as rich fen, treeless bog, wooded mire and pine mire. The different types of mires form entities melting into each other without sharp boundaries. The mires’ hydrology is in a natural state. Also small outcrops of bedrock and barren rocky forests can be found on the mires.

There is an abundance of species of calcareous soil, such as Fibrous tussock sedge, Ryegrass sedge and the endangered Yellow sedge. Labrador tea, Bog myrtle, Bog bilberry and Bog-rosemary as well as various species of Round-leaved sundew, Brown beak sedge and White beak sedge also grow here. Of rare orchids Narrow-leaved marsh orchid, Bog orchid and Early marsh orchid can be found here.

The nature reserve is also an important habitat for fen birds. The area is surrounded by a partly virgin forest which in turn offers valuable biotopes for various woodpeckers and other forest-nesting birds. Cranes nest within the reserve, and the wildlife is rich.

Enjoy nature! Take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footsteps.

Length: 3,8 km
Location: Eckerö
Terrain: Moderate. Varied terrain with rocky hills and forest trails. Can be wet during some seasons.
Signposts: White-topped poles and painted stones.

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