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Villa Kommodor

Villa Kommodor is located in the archipelago of the Åland Islands and can be reached by car from Mariehamn harbour in approximately 30 minutes and from Långnäs harbour in approximately 10 minutes.

Villa Kommodor can accommodate up to 10 guests. The Villa is well suited for groups and families who wish to spend their vacation together. Villa Kommodor consists of a main building of about 120 m2, two smaller guest cottages, a boathouse with a boat and a hectare of land, including an own shoreline.

2 rowing boats and safety vests, sauna, grill, open fire place and firewood available. Linen and final cleaning available.
FREE Internet WIFI

Fishing: Free fishing from own beach and piers and if you use the house's rowing boats (without motor). If you rent boats or your own boats, you need a fishing license from

Lumparland is one of the smallest municipalities in Finland and only has 400 inhabitants. Lumparland offers a beautiful and peaceful nature. The main village has a shop, a beach with a playing field and picnic tables and Ålands oldest surviving wooden church.

New Cafe and Arts & Crafts shop 2 km from Villa Kommodor.

Svinö harbour is located 10 minutes from Villa Kommodor and has daily ferries going to Degerby on Föglö Island. The crossing takes 30 minutes. Långnäs harbour also has daily ferries going between the small islands in the archipelago. It is also possible to reach mainland Finland (Korpo and Gustavs) with several smaller ferries. A bus drives from Lumparland to Mariehamn and back daily.