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Stallhagen Ab

Craft beer brewery Stallhagen Ab was set up in 2004 by a group of beer enthusiasts. It currently has over 2 700 shareholders. The first brewery on the Åland islands was established back in the 1850's, Stallhagen is now Åland's oldest and largest brewery, with a production site at Grelsby, 18 km from Mariehamn. The name Stallhagen is derived from the former royal property where the brewery is located.

The initial aim of the brewery was to produce good craft beers, mainly for the Åland market. However, with its flavorful products the company has quickly won innumerable friends outside Åland, and Stallhagen beer is now sold in both Finland and Sweden as well as in Japan and Belgium. Steadily increasing demand and investments in higher production capacity have led to a growth in sales volumes and made the Stallhagen brand well-known to beer-lovers generally, not just the growing flock of experts and connoisseurs. Stallhagen produces nowadays around 2,5 million liters beer/year.

The saying in beer circles goes: anybody can brew beer but only a few make good beer. With a master’s touch Stallhagen’s brewmaster Mats Ekholm crafts unique beers; perfectly balanced, thoughtfully composed with a pleasing harmony of taste, color and delicate aroma. Stallhagen produces 12–20 different beers/year.

Are you interested in getting an insight the beer production, ingredients, traditions and history of Stallhagen, as well as the trends in beer development? Then you should book a guided brewery tour with beer tasting. Stallhagen welcomes visitors all year round. You will need to book your visit in advance. According to your wishes tours and beer-tasting are offered in Swedish, Finnish and English. While visiting the brewery, you can purchase beer products to take home from the Brewery Shop.

Brewery tours and beer-tastings are organised by the eco-label awarded restaurant Pub Stallhagen that is located in the same building as the brewery.