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Herröskatan 1,6 km − smooth bathing cliffs and sea eagles

Herroskatan with rich flora exhibits many features of Åland biotypes including mown meadows, groves and seaside meadows. Here grow narrow-leaved helleborine, early purple orchid and large stocks of bloody cranesbill, wild marjoram and common milkwart. Wild meadow saffron or “naked lady” is one of Herrön’s rarities.

The insect fauna is rich and during the migration period, many bird species can be seen. Common whitethroat, Eurasian blackcap, thrush nightingale and common rosefinch nest here. The bird tower offers a wonderful seaview over the southernmost tip of the main island of Åland. The fortress ruins and quays date back to the Russian period 1809−1917, and partly from the war years 1939−1945 when Finnish troops fortified the area.

This is a nature reserve, please follow the marked trails. You may not break branches, pick berries, mushrooms, plants, mosses, lichens, fire wood or stones. From May until October there are grazing cattle in the area. Dogs must be kept on leash.

Enjoy nature! Take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footsteps.

Length: 1,6 km
Location: Herröskatan, Lemland
Terrain: Easy, seaside rocks
Signposts: White-topped poles

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