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Harnäs Stugor: Gröna Stugan

Gröna Stugan - the Green Cottage - is situated in Strömma in northern Hammarland in quiet and scenic surroundings by beach. Take a walk on riparian meadows and on red granite cliffs.

The cottage is built for 2 + 2 persons; 34 m2, 2 floors. Living room, kitchenette (hot / cold water), bedroom, loft, eco-toilet, separate sauna with shower. Electric heating, wood burning stove, electric stove, microwave, fridge, freezer, TV, 2 bikes, a rowing boat. Fishing licenses are sold. Lake view, forest surroundings.
Distance to a shop 12 km, neighbour 150 m, shallow beach 50 m (small private road between the cottage and the beach).

[email protected], tel +358 457 5244222