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Flowpark is an ecological adventure park where you can test your courage. Adventure courses have been built on living trees without harming them. You may solve numerous tasks even at the height of twenty meters.

Different tasks refer to ropeways, including swaying paths, liana jumps, swings and cable slides. Every Flowpark is unique, so there are no two identical courses. Flowpark has been meant for people of all ages full of adventure spirit – there is challenge for any ordinary guy as well as for experienced ‘wilderness foxes’!

You don’t need to have any advance skills for the Flowpark courses. You’ll be instructed how to use the equipment and how to act on the courses before you are allowed to enter the actual courses. Every customer will complete a test course, and after he or she has passed it, he or she is allowed to adventure independently on the courses. One proceeds on the courses continuously connected to a safety cable wire. Take a look at the safety instructions beforehand.

Safety instructions: https://www.flowpark.fi/en/safety-instructions/