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Bomans stugor

With us you will truly enjoy your vacation. You can choose between 12 well-equipped cottages, of which five cottages are winter insulated and open year round! We offer unique possibilities for both relaxation and activities.

Our holiday village contains of 12 well-equipped cottages (three to five stars). You’ll stay really close to the water as the cottages are situated between 10-100 meters from the beach. We think of the future and have equipped the cottages with an environmental-friendly recycling station. The hosts live close to the holiday village and are there for you when needed.

The beach sauna is situated on top of the bedrock just five meters from the sea. From the beach sauna and the wildlife pool you’ll have an excellent view across the bay “Kasviken”. Sunset, dusk and good friends will be memories you’ll carry for life… Down by the water there’s a boat house, floating pier, a child friendly beach and swings. A boat is included in the weekly rent. There are 14 boats in the area. Boat engines are rented separately.

In the area there’s a high class hard court tennis court. We also have a large grass field where you can play football, badminton or other games. Try our new boule court! Close to the holiday village there are nice hiking areas with varied nature. We also have bikes for rent. Lunch, dinner or just sightseeing in the outer archipelago can also be arranged.

The fishing license area of Östergeta is well-know as fish-rich. You can choose to fish in the skerries or out in the “Norrhavet”. There is a gutting table at the boat house and a freezer in each cottage. We can arrange a price worthy fishing guide if you wish.

Our 4 person fishing package includes accommodation, a boat with an outboard engine, 10 litres of motor boat fuel, a fishing license, bed linens, sauna and final cleaning. The 6 persons package includes two boats with two times 10 litres of motor boat fuel and everything that the previous package includes. The boats are 4,20 meters and 4-8 hp.