Åland Tours: Kehonhuolto ja ulkoilma-ateria-retki
Åland Tours: Kehonhuolto ja ulkoilma-ateria-retki
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Åland Tours: Fitness and Dining Tour

While working in the office or sitting behind a computer all day at home, we
can get stiff and tired. Break away from your desk and re-energize your body
and mind.

The focus of this tour is taking care of your body, which begins with
a walk in nature to our outdoor pop-up restaurant.
Before dining, you will work up an appetite during an interactive exercise
demonstration with Hanna Lundström, certified personal trainer and kickboxing
black belt. Hanna will teach you exercises you can do at home or in the office to
combat work-related fatigue. Finally, expert chef Emil Alm will cook a
delicious feast for the group made from local ingredients.
Come do some invigorating team-building with a group of colleagues or

Service includes:
- 30-minute exercise tutorial
- 2 km light hike
- Catered meal in nature