Äventyr i Mariehamn
Åland Tours: Game -Mariehamn adventure
Åland Tours: Game -Mariehamn adventure
Näe & koe Toiminta Ryhmäaktiviteetit

Åland Tours: Game -Mariehamn adventure

Visiting Åland and looking for a fun, unconventional way to get to know Mariehamn? Or maybe looking to discover facts that even locals might not know?
Great activity that fits perfectly in the situation we are all in right now. Distance, small groups, physical activity, laughter and joy. The activity works for families, work groups and groups of friends.
This is an exciting yet relaxed game; you can pause and take a coffee break whenever you like. Get to know Åland’s beautiful capital Mariehamn while having fun!

• Suitable for both tourists and locals
• Suitable for adults & kids
• Up to 4 players in mobile device
• Navigate between different places in Mariehamn with the help of your mobile device
• Answer questions to collect points and learn interesting facts about Mariehamn and Åland
• The game has no time limit
• Play until you have reached to the finish line.