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Trollstigen 1 km

The tell-a-tale trail is a special trail for younger children. It runs over smooth rocks amidst knotted dwarf pines, whilst the sounds of the sea can be heard in the distance. The youngest of the family might need some help with the steepest parts of the path.

Along the trail there are information boards telling about the rock formations of the cliffs and fairy-tale figures such as Big Troll, Ice Troll, Singer the Giant and the tiny Fairy Shephard. Along the path you can also learn about the nature as a fairy-tale, e.g. how a dragon flew and stopped here to eat stones. The dragon is now transformed to something else that you can see along the trail. There is also a picnic table along the trail.

Enjoy nature! Take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footsteps.

Length: 1 km
Location: Geta
Terrain: Easy with smooth rocks. NB! Rocks are slippery when wet.
Signposts: Arrows and stacked stones.

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