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Soltuna Restaurang & Café (copy)

We have 10 cabins with 4 beds each. In a separate service house you will find a kitchen, shower and toilet. In addition there is also a small sauna cabin with shower which is free to use. It is possible to stay overnight in our cabins between 20 April and 15 September.

Prices in off-season
1-2 persons - 37 €
3 persons - 42 €
4 persons - 52 €

Prices during peak season (16 June - 15 August)
1-2 persons - 40 €
3 persons - 47 €
4 persons - 57 €

During the season we offer breakfast for 8 € per person.
During the season we offer bed linenn for 9 € per person.

Soltuna's tradition has always been to offer generous portions good food at good prices. In our restaurant you can enjoy your meal with one of the most beautiful views that the Aland islands can offer! This is a tradition we carry on and hope that you will carry the impression og Getabergen with you on along your journey!

Welcome to Soltuna Restaurang & Café!