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David at Perchland has been catching northern pikes since 1994 and has a great interest and love for nature. The fishing guide business began in 2005 and since then experience has grown and the business have developed. The Åland archipelago is uniquely beautiful and should best be experienced from a boat between cobs, groats and skerries. The goal of Perchland is to give guests a pleasant experience at sea in a beautiful archipelago landscape among pike, perch and trout.

Perchland offers half- and full-day fishing guide tours for business groups, groups of friends, families with children or for those of you who want to go out on your own. Perchland also offers different types of boat trips in the archipelago. During the spring of May-June, Ådsafari is offered to one of Åland's largest eidar colonies on Båtskären, where you get close to nesting eidars and the rich birdlife. In summer, it is possible to make a beach break with the picnic basket on the red sun-warmed cliffs. Perchland collaborates with many fishing guides, which enables bookings of larger groups> 40 people for both fishing and excursions. Perchland is available on Tripadvisor and you can follow our fishing via social media under the name perchlandtours on Instagram and Perchland on Facebook. Come join us!