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Overlanding in the nature of Åland

My name is Ian Falck and i run the adventure company I bring people out to uniqe experiences in the Åland nature.

The type of travel that I arrange is usually called Overlanding, where the car is a big part of the experience. The off-road vehicle is specially equipped with an off-road trailer. In the trailer there is water,chemical toilet, tent with annexe and a kitchen where we also cook all our food during the trip.

I offer a unique and easy way to "camp" in the middle of Åland nature but still have almost the same amenities that you have in an ordinary camper.

During our travels, we will mostly drive on small roads / gravel roads and see a part of Åland that many regular tourists rarely know or find.
Depending on the weather, we camp either in the middle of the forest or perhaps on a fine sandy beach with the Åland Sea outside.

Do you long to be in the nature, sit by a campfire and look up at the starry sky or to lie in the tent and listen to the waves' noise then my adventure trips are absolutely right for you:

EQUIPMENT, to include:
Sleeping bag
Headlamp / flashlight
Hygiene products
Clothes in functional material after weather
Towel and swimwear
mosquito spray
... Other equipment is provided by me!