Öfvergårdsin Ax-plåck, tai piknik, omenapuutarhassa
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Öfvergård's Ax-plåck, or picnic, in the apple garden

Picnic, or Ax-plåck, in the apple orchard

In picnic carts made from old apple boxes, a cheese & charcuterie tray and apple juice are packed for two people.
Roll out the trolley in the apple orchard and sit down where you want and enjoy Åland delicacies in the middle of the apple orchard.

Why Ax-plåck?
Axgan is an expression for Åland. And Åland tapas we then call Ax-plåck!

A cart for Ax-plåck can be booked:
Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 to 16:00

Booking: a carriage for 2 people.

Please note that this is an outdoor activity.