Lumparlands kyrka - S:t Andreas
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Lumparland church - S:t Andreas

Today Lumparland church, painted in white, is the appreciated goal for an excursion with its view over the waters of Kapellviken. Here you can also admire the beautiful gallery from 1760.

The present chapel church of Lumparland was finished in 1728, having had several predecessors. Each of them destroyed, latest in the Great Northern War (1714-21). It was first mentioned in 1544, and around one century later it was reported that “the chapel stands in a wet meadow, always unlocked, the windows are broken and it has been seen filled with goats”. The big altar-painting was signed by Victor Westerholm in 1887.
Saint George in Mariehamn is the most recent church in the Åland Islands. The brick church was designed by Lars Sonck. The foundation stone was laid in 1926 and the inauguration took place the following year. The ceiling is ornamentally decorated and the stained glass windows depict saints and apostles. The church has the largest organ of the Islands, with 37 celeste.