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Lövö 5 km – peace congress and Russian stone ovens

The trail runs on historic ground. The village of Lövö was once a stage for a superpower game. In 1718–1719, a peace congress was held here between Sweden, ruled by Charles XII, and Tsar Peter the Great’s Russia. By then the Great Northern War had been going on for 18 years. The finest residential buildings were moved to Lövö from different parts of Åland. Today there are no buildings left and the only visible memory is a boulder that marks the border between the Swedish and Russian camps.

The trail passes past fields and meadows and through birch and pine forests. Along the trail you can also see remains of Russian outdoor baking ovens. At Sikören there is a bird watching tower. In the shallow water you can see the wreck of barque ship Altai, built in 1879 for Vårdö shipowners. The Altai was sunk in the strait in 1933 to make a bridge between Sandö and the island of Vårdö, but the result wasn’t a success.

Enjoy nature! Take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footsteps.

Length: 5 km
Location: Vårdö
Terrain: Moderate with varied surface on rocks, forest trails and sandy roads. NB! Rocks are slippery when wet.
Signposts: White-topped poles and white-painted stones.

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