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Long Island in Kumlinge

Imagine to settle down on your own island and enjoy a Long Island Iced Tea... this is possible in the Åland archipelago, the name of the island is in English Long Island. The cottage is 70 sqm.

You can choose to live close to the nature without neighbors and make your own meals, but you can also get service from neighborisland Bärö and Restaurant and B&B Glada Laxen. It is just some minutes by boat away.

In the cottage there are 2 bedrooms (bonk beds), a fireplace for woods, a small kitchen corner, a living room. No electricity, no WiFi, no water from tap (the owner brings the drinking water).

You can use a kayak for tours around your own island (EUR 20/day)

Minimum stay is 2 nights and the boat transport from Kumlinge/Enklinge to Long Island (Långskär) is included in the price.