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Långbergen 5,5 km − wilderness and stone age

Follow the trail from Vargstensslätten to Långbergen where you can learn about the lives of the first people to settle on the Islands. They were seal hunters who more than 5,000 years ago paddled ashore in a sheltered bay on what was then only a few rocky outcrops surrounded by a vast expanse of sea.

Along the trail up to Långbergen (over 100 metres amsl) you can see how the landscape has changed after the inland ice sheet melted as the climate got warmer. On the highest point of Långbergen you can admire the scenery of Orrdalsklint hill and the Northern Baltic Sea.

Follow the trail from Långbergen down to a stone-age village, a reconstruction of a stone-age dwelling site, and pass Östra Jansmyra that is among the oldest dwelling sites in Åland.

Enjoy nature! Take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footsteps.

Length: 5,5 km
Location: Saltvik
Terrain: Forest and bare smooth rocks, can be slippery in rain
Signposts: Painted stones

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