Käringsund DiscGolfPark
Käringsund DiscGolfPark
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Käringsund DiscGolfPark

Käringsund DiscGolfPark is a 9-hole disc golf course that is located in Eckerö close Käringsund Resort & Conference, a stone's throw from the Eckerö ferry harbour.

- course classification: BB1
- amount of holes: 9
- total length: 1268 m (67–202 m/per hole)
- par (ideal result): 32 throws

Disc golf is a game suitable for all ages and genders. The main idea of disc golf is the same as in traditional golf. The player who gets through the course with the least amount of throws wins. Disc golf is played with plastic discs instead of balls and clubs. Instead of holes, there are disc golf targets.

1. The main objective is to get the disc from the tee into the target with the least amount of throws possible.
2. After the initial throws off the tee the player who is the furthest away from the target throws first. Play continues from where the disc came to rest. The player throws as many throws as needed to get the disc into the target.
3. The hole is finished when the disc is inside the target.
4. Please pay attention also to other players on the course and leave the course tidy for others to enjoy.

- You are responsible for your throws. When hitting people or obstacles, the disc can cause serious damage.
- Before you throw, make sure that there is nobody in the near the direction of your throw.

- Don’t throw, if you can’t see the target. Make sure the hole is clear before you throw.
- Don’t throw if there’s even a possibility of hitting people or animals.