Vaellusreittejä Ahvenanmaalla
Vaellusreittejä Ahvenanmaalla
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Hiking on Åland

Hiking in Åland offers a varied landscape where your surroundings change rapidly from uninhabited forest to ancient monuments and cultural buildings to sea views.

The nature trails are between one and eight kilometres long and vary from easy to being of medium difficulty.

We can recommend a City Walk and Hälsopromenaden 5,4 km in Mariehamn:

Read more about the hiking and nature trails on Åland. Study maps, read the brief descriptions of the trails and plan your hiking route.

Hiking in Mariehamn, the route is called Mariehamn Runt, 13 km

The hiking trails in Åland are 10 to 60 kilometres long. For the most part they are easy, but the path is often uneven in parts and the bedrock can be slippery. A map and Åland Natur – a starter book on hiking in the countryside – are useful items to have with you.

St Olav Waterway is the first pilgrim’s route in the world that runs through an archipelago. The route starts from the Turku Cathedral on the Finnish mainland and goes through the Åland Islands to Sweden, the final destination isTrondheim, Norway.