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The Hermit Cottage on Sviskär Island, Silverskär

Sviskär is an island of 28 acres in the north of the Åland archipelago. Sviskär is a haven for those seeking tranquility and the simple life. Here you can take a break and just listen to the sounds of nature during a couple of days. The island is small enough to take a walk around it.There is no electricity on the island.

Sviskär - Solitude you chose yourself, on an own island
On Sviskär you live in The Hermit Cottage - a log cabin similar to the houses that were built in fishing villages back in the old days. It has four beds.
There is no electricity in the island - the stove keeps you warm and the candle lights gives you a cosy feeling. You cook your own dinner on the gas-stove.
There is also a sauna a few steps from the cottage where most of the interior is handmade.

The Hermit Cottage can accommodate up to 4 people. There are two bunk beds and one of the beds on the floor can be made into a large double bed. The mattresses are really comfortable.
The price includes the necessary boat ride to and from the island, fresh water and wood for fuel.

The kitchen cabinets have the basic range of spices for your own cooking. If you prefer cooked food there is a possibility to order that from the talented chefs at Silverskär's facility. Silverskär is just minutes away by speedboat and the food will be transported to Sviskär, so you don´t have to leave the island.

As you make the reservation of the cottage you can choose to reserve a meal package that includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.

You will be picked up from the mainland by boat from Silverskär. When you arrive in Sviskär you´ll get an introduction from the host about how all the "amenities" work.