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Grottstigen 4,7 km – rock formations and dwarf pines

The Grottstigen cave trail starts from Getabergen, one of Åland’s highest hills that rises almost 100 metres above the sea level. Here you can enjoy the scenic landscape of rolling rocky hills and the magnificent view over the islands and skerries and across the open sea. The area is popular with boulderers, climbers without safety ropes and belayers.

The rocky hills are barren and there is often a hard northern wind. Vegetation has adapted to the harsh conditions and there are mainly knotty and dwarfish pines. The area offers breathtaking rocky slopes and exciting rock formations and caves where the locals used to go hiding from the Russians invaders during the Great Northern War (1714–1721). One of the many hill slopes has been shaped like narrow terraces and reminds of a natural amphitheatre. The trail passes Djupvik, a narrow bay with cliffs.

Enjoy nature! Take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footsteps.

Length: 4,7 km
Location: Geta
Terrain: Demanding at times with some steep slopes. NB! Rocks can be slippery when wet.
Signposts: White-painted arrows and piled stones.

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