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Godbyrundan 7,5 km – vast views and foreign trees

​​The trail around Godby offers prehistoric burial sites, splendid views and a number of rare tree species in an arboretum. The nature is diverse with barren rocky hills with dwarf pine trees and lush woods with moss-covered stones. A part of the trail runs next to a larger farming field.

From the rocky cliffs at Färjsundet strait with a summer café you have a fantastic view over the surrounding countryside. On the hill there is a lookout tower Höga C at the height of 70 metres above the sea level.

The trails leads through Godby Arboretum with planted foreign tree species such as giant cedar, Siberian fir, douglas fir, contorta pine, silver fir and European hornbeam.

The ancient burial site of Björken at the beginning of the trail is from the younger Iron Age (400–1000 AD). Kungshögarna burial site at the end of the trail dates back to the same time period. The trail ends at Godby village centre with various services.

Enjoy nature! Take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footsteps.

Length: 7,5 km
Location: Godby, Finström
Starting point: Ålands idrottscenter / Godbyhallen sports hall
Terrain: Medium with varied surface. Hills, fields, forest trails, walking and cycling lanes.
Signposts: White-topped poles.

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