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Eckerö Golf

Eckerö Golf is located in Eckerö, in Finland’s westernmost municipality on the monolingual Swedish-speaking and autonomous Åland Islands. The golf course is situated by Eckerövägen road, only 10 minutes by car from Berghamn ferry harbour in Eckerö and 30 minut

The golf course offers 18 holes in beautiful surroundings with forest character. The holes are surrounded by the edge of the forest, and bunkers and ponds make the course intresting and challenging for golfers.

Eckerö Golf offers four tees for the ultimate and fun golf experience for young and old, beginners and more advanced players alike. Tee 1 is 3,247 metres, tee 2 is 4,756 metres, tee 3 is 5,442 metres and tee 4 is 5,754 metres.