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Borgboda 2,5 km − Åland’s biggest fort hill and Ida’s cottage

Borgboda is one of Åland’s most interesting prehistoric sites with archaeological remains from the Bronze Age until the early Middle Ages.About one thousand years ago Borge, the largest fort hill in the region, was surrounded by water in three directions and guarded a waterway from Kvarnboviken bay to Kyrksundet sound in Sund. Today, the waterway has vanished due to post-glacial rebound and now the hill is symbolically guarded by wooden figures, carved according to old Scandinavian models.

The path up to Borgberget passes through meadows where there are grazing animals from May until October. Dogs must be kept on leash. Ida’s cottage is a memorial to those who did not own any property and worked hard for the landowners. Ida Jansson gave birth to five illegitimate children, four of which she had to give away. Ida lived with her handicapped son in the cottage from 1924 until 1966. Her cottage is always open to visitors.

Enjoy nature! Take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footsteps.

Length: 2,5 km
Location: Borgboda, Saltvik
Terrain: Easy, steps
Signposts: White-topped poles

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