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Blåkulla cottage in Föglö

Blåkulla is an 70sq renovated retrocabin in the middle of Föglö. The cabin holds a big living
room with beautiful views of cliffs and leafy forest, a kitchen with view over the big front-
lawn and a bathroom with wc and shower. There is two bedrooms, the first with two single
beds and the other with an 120cm bed. Optional extra bed.
Outside the living room there is an terrace under roof with seating. On the cliffs next to the
cabin there is an terrace with dinner seating and views over the water. The cabin is located
50m from Degerösund and swimming area is available nearby. In front of the cabin there is
a big lawn, and on the backside you have a wonderful mixed forest with an rich birdlife right
outside the door. A very peaceful place!
Just a little walk from the cabin you’ll find a soccer field and a bridge with a jump tower. The
tap water is not ok to drink and therefor 5l freshwater is included/night.