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Ålands guider r.f.

An authorised guide is an important conveyor of culture. Try us if you want to know more than “the basics” about the Åland Islands. The archipelago, the autonomy, the business, the sights and the museums. Åland is an exciting destination with multiple attractions. Let us widen your knowledge about lots of things that you didn’t know about Åland.

Did you know that the first “tourists” arrived at the islands about 6 000 years ago, and in the 16th century the Swedish king, Gustavus Wasa, spotted a comet while staying at Kastelholm Castle?
In what way did that event get an impact on people´s lives?
Åland is an autonomous county with a parliament of its own; but why?

You will get an answer to that question and many other questions when joining a conducted tour with a guide from the local guide association, Ålands Guider r.f

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Welcome to our more than 6 500 islands!