Åland Tours: Game -100 minutes in Mariehamn
Åland Tours: Game -100 minutes in Mariehamn
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Åland Tours: Game -100 minutes in Mariehamn

Teams have 100 minutes to find places on a map in Mariehamn and unlock questions at those places. The team that has opened all the questions, and which has received 100 points, wins.
It is a strategy game for teams where success is achieved with good planning and cleverness! The game is particularly exciting because of the constantly changing situation in which a team must react rapidly and adjust its game plan accordingly.

• Suitable for both tourists and locals
• Suitable for adults
• Up to 4 players in each team
• Navigate between different places in Mariehamn with the help of your mobile device
• Answer questions to collect points and the team that first reaches exactly 100 points wins
• The game lasts a maximum of 100 minutes