Åland Tours: Agent V – Spy game
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Åland Tours: Agent V – Spy game

The evil mastermind Dr Ronove has set up a deadly bomb which will release a super virus to the Earth’s atmosphere. Your job is to prevent the bomb from exploding.
If the mission is not resolved within the set time, the evil virus will be unleashed onto the world! The clock is ticking, every minute counts. Be the fastest to disarm the bomb and save the day!

• The purpose of the game is to solve missions and collect clues to get a mysterious combination of numbers and words
• Once you have enough hints, you need to start decoding the code
• You have 60 minutes to complete the missions and disarm the bomb before it is too late
• Up to 4 people per mobile device
• Could be played in teams and individually
• The game can also easily be played via video meetings, without contact with each other