4. Lappo DiscGolfPark Ahvenanmaan pohjoisessa saaristossa

4. Lappo DiscGolfPark in the northern archipelago of Åland

Lappo DGP in the archipelago municipality of Brändö was the first of the 17 disc golf courses that now exist on Åland, "The Largest DiscGolfPark in the World".

In this package you start your disc golf game in the northern archipelago, in two days you have time to play on four different courses.

Travel by car on the Turku archipelago ferry Osnäs/Kustavi - Åva in Brändö.
Here you take the next ferry Torsholma - Lappo, play at Lappo DGP and spend the night at Pella's Guest House.
The next day the ferry goes Lappo - Kumlinge, where you play at Seglinge DGP. Continue Kumlinge - Hummelvik and play at Sandösund's GBP. Finish in Mariehamn, Lions DGP.

Book your accommodation and we will help you with the ferry booking at Ålandstrafiken, [email protected]

See the courses here: https://www.discgolf.ax/courses