Fishing in Åland islands

Fishing in Åland islands

The fishermen’s paradise

In Åland there are many opportunities for good fishing.

Choose between fishing travle package with accommodation in self-catering cabin, book a fishing guide or an exclusive package with all inclusive.

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Åland Islands is a fishing paradise for avid anglers. Imagine pike, trout, salmon, perch and more. Here you can try everything from exciting salmon trolling in the high seas to jerk bait fishing in bays. Also, to those who prefer a quiet fishing from a pier, there are great chances to get some perch for the evening meal.

We are partns with some of the very best fishing guides in Åland Islands and we guarantee that you get even more out of your fishing trip when fishing with them.

Fishing package with guide – MaPa Fishing Team

2 days from 353 €/person.

The price includes:

  • 2 overnight stays in a cabin incl. linen and final cleaning
  • One whole day of fishing (7h) with guide incl. life jacket and fishing equipment

Booking code: 6FMAP

VIP Fishing package – All inclusive

All inclusive 2 days from 440 €/person.

The price includes:

2 overnight stays incl. linnen, towels and final cleaning. Fishing trip with guide and boat, breakfast, lunch, dinner and sauna. The fishing guide is accommodated in the same cabin and will prepare all meals, heat the sauna etc. Minimum 2 persons and 2 days.

Booking code: 5FEREMIT

Fishing package in a cabin 3 days

3 days from 125 €/person (4 person cabin)

The price inlcudes:

  • 2 overnight stays in a cabin incl. linen and final cleaning, and sauna one hour
  • 1 boat with motor (2 persons) or two bats with motors (4 persons)
  • 10 liters of petrol /boat
  • local fishing licence

Fishing packages can be booked every weekday before week 25 and after week 33. All prices are from prices per person. Security deposit for boats and motors are paid directly to the landlord.
Booking code: 6FISK

  • Eckerö
  • Hammarland
  • Finström
  • Lumparland
  • Jomala