Bicycle package

Bicycle package

Bicycle package

  • Accommodation incl. breakfast and linen
  • Bicycle
  • Helmet
  • Bicycle Bag
  • Map
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Åland Islands has excellent bike paths for both short and longer trips. Get closer to nature. The distances are short, it is always close to the sea. The cycling season begins in June and all through September, plan your cycling holiday now.

Price includes:

Accommodation incl. linen and breakfast at specified locations, three-speed bike with hand and foot brake, bicycle helmet, bicycle basket, bicycle bag and Åland Islands map (1 map per booked room). The regular bike may be replaced with a hybrid or tandem bike for an additional fee.

Enjoying life bicycle package

3 nights, 4 days. Taste great food, sleep comfortably and enjoy all of Åland Islands on your bicycle. Available 18/6-18/8 2018 (not starting Fridays).

Price from 366 €/person

1. Mariehamn – Saltvik B&B, Saltvik 25 km + supper *
2. Kvarnbo – HavsVidden Hotell, Geta 28 km + 1 course dinner
3. Havsvidden – Hotell Savoy, Mariehamn 50 km + 3 course dinner
* Cheese and wine package

Booking code: 6C1S
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Challange your limits

3 nights, 4 days. Enjoy a really long cycling trip, about 50 km a day. You will get to see a lot along the road from south to north. Available 18/6-18/8 2018 (not starting Fridays).

Price from 261 €/person

1. Mariehamn – Sandösund Vårdö 47 km
2. Sandösund – Soltuna, Geta 52 km
3. Soltuna – Hotell Savoy Mariehamn 46 km + 3 course dinner at Hotell Pommern

Booking code: 6C2S

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Eastern Åland Islands

3 nights, 4 days. Familiarize yourself with the eastern part of Åland Islands and visit historic sites like the Bomarsund fortress ruins and Kastelholms castle. Available 1/5-31/8 2018.

Price from 306 €/person

1. Mariehamn – Stalldalen Pensionat, Finström 20 km
2. Finström – Runneröd cottages, Saltvik 10 km
3. Saltvik – Bastö Hotell, Finström 18 km
4. Finström – Mariehamn 30 km

*) The first night accommodation can also be in a new guesthouse in Godby, Stalldalen.

Booking code: 6C3S

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Archipelago tour

5 nights, 6 days. Experience the beautiful Åland Islands archipelago by bike and travel comfortably from island to island with the archipelago ferries. Available 13/6-16/8 2018.

Price from 329 €/person

1. Mariehamn – Saltvik Bed & Breakfast, Saltvik 23 km
2. Saltvik – Pellas Guesthouse, Lappo 28 km + ferry approx. 2 h 10 min .
3. Lappo – Havspaviljongen, Kökar 26 km + ferry approx. 4 h.
4. Kökar – Enigheten guesthouse, Föglö 25 km + ferry approx 2 h.
6. Föglö – Hotel Cikada, Mariehamn 28 km + ferry approx. 30 minutes.

Booking code: 6C4S

You can also accommodat on Pellas for two nights if you like, it is easy to travel to Brändö main island only for the day.

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The west of Åland

3 nights, 4 days. See the western and northern Åland on bicycle. Along the way, are go by bikeferry from northern Hammarland to Geta and v/v or you can choose to bicycle on way. Available 1/5-19 2018 (bicycle ferry operates only during the period 19/6-19/8, except Sundays). Note! There is no bicycle bags included in this package.

Price from 280 €/person.

1. Käringsund Resort & Conference, Eckerö
2. Eckerö-Soltuna stugor, Geta
3. Geta-Käringsund Resort & Conference, Eckerö

Booking code: 6C7S

In this package you travel by bus to Eckerö from Mariehamn, if you rather like to go by bicycle there will might be a extra fee for the bikerent.

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Bicycle and paddle

2 nights, 3 days. Sleep well at Hotel Cikada and book our combined travel package where you both go by bicycle (2 days) and paddle (1 day) and you will get out the most of Åland by exploring the small roads with red granite stone and the sea with the beautiful archipelago. Maybe you will find your own favorite place. Available 1/5-31/8 2018.

Price from 198 €/person.

Booking code: 5CYPA

Family cycling package

3 nights, 4 days. Family cycling package starting from Mariehamn to Eckerö, where there are lots of fun activities and expeciences for families. Available 1/5-31/8 2018.

Price 2 adults and 2 children from 771 €

1. Mariehamn-Djurviks Gästgård, Jomala 12 km
2. Jomala-Anderssons Gästhem, Eckerö 25 km
3. Anderssons Gästhem-Käringsund Resort & Conference 6 km
4. Eckerö-Mariehamn 34 km

Bookable activites:
-Smart Park
-Viltsafari (wild life safari)
-Jakt- och fiskemuséet (hunting and fishing museum)
-Käringsund Resort & Conference offers daily activities such as guided canoeing tours, kids’ games, pirate adventures with treasure hunt etc.

Booking code 6C5S

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