Accommodation in Åland

Accommodation in Åland

Travel well and enjoy comfortable accommodation. Ålandsresor offers you a wide variety to choose from hotels, guesthouses and cabins suited for your liking.

You can choose from a wide selection of hotels, guesthouses and cottages all over Åland, ranging from beachfront cottages in the archipelago to a comfortable hotel within walking distance from shopping districts and entertainment. To make an online booking for your accommodation, please ensure that it is made at least three days (cabins) or one day (hotels and guesthouses) prior to arrival. Call us by phone tel. +358 18 28 040.


We offer a big selection of cabins around the Åland Islands of various price range. Choose your own favorite cabin for an entire week or for a few days stay.


The hotels on the Åland Islands offers you a comfortable stay with access to full service. All hotels are relatively small with an average of fifty rooms.


A cheaper option is the guesthouse, with comfortable lodgings and facilities. Explore our available lodgings on the archipelago and country side.

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