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Ro-No Rent: Bike prices per 24 h

på Västerhamn
From RO–NO Rent you may rent all types of bicycles and EU-mopeds for 2 persons, outboard motorboats up to 60 hp, rowing boats, canoes, life jackets and water skis etc.

We are located at two Västra hamnen in Mariehamn.

Please consider the following:

- You must prove your identity when you check out.
- Rented items should be returned in undamaged condition.
- A charge is payable if a rented item has to be repaired.
- You must pay a deposit when you rent a boat, moped, spinning top etc. The deposit is returned at the end of the rent period.

We also transport your rent bikes/boats on the main island of Åland. Contact us via e-mail for transportation rates and more detailed information, [email protected]

Västra hamnen:
1 June - 31 July: Mon-Sat 10-18, Sun 11-17
Midsummer Eve (Friday) 10-16, Midsummers Day (Saturday) 11-17.
1 - 15 August: Mon-Sat 9-18.30 & Sun 10-18.30
16 - 31 August: 10-12.30 & 14-15-00 & 18-18.30

Tel +358 18 12821 or +358 4570 529 315