DiscGolf in the eastern part of the Åland Islands

<p>Combine your DiscGolf with one or more nights at Kastelholms Gästhem at the eastern part of Åland</p>

<p>There are no long distances between the DiscGolf-courses on the Åland Islands. These 4 courses are on a close distance by car to:</p><p>Kastelholm DGP; Sund</p><p>Sandösunds DGP, Vårdö</p><p>Stallhagen DGP, Finström</p><p>Germundö DGP, Saltvik</p><p>Stay at Kastelholms Gästhem in Sund </p><p><br></p>Book your ferrytickets in step 2. We also book the archipelago-ferrise, contact us at [email protected]</p><p><br></p>