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Bomarsund Open Water 2021

på Bomarsunds fästningsruiner
For the fifth time, the open water competition Bomarsund Open Water will be held in Bomarsund’s cultural historical landscape in the beautiful Åland archipelago (666R+WF Bomarsund, Åland Islands). The competition will once again have the status of Finnish Championship in Open Water.

There are three courses this year: 3k, 1.5k and 300m in the beautiful and historic surroundings of Bomarsund, Åland. The 3k is a really good challenge where you swim around the small island of Slätskär, the 1.5k event is swam in a more sheltered setting. The 300m event is for newbies or youth with less swim experience.

The same day, some hours later the Bomarsund Trail Run will take place in the surroundings.