Ålandsresor: DiscGolf in the northern archipelago of Åland

<p>Combine your DiscGolf in the northern archipelago of Åland with a night at Pellas Gästhem in Lappo-Brändö.</p>

<div>Welcome to the world's largest DiscGolf area. Right now there are 11 courses ready, they are located all over Åland.</div><div>See the courses here:</div><div><br></div><div></div><div><br></div><div>In this package you start in the northern archipelago, in two days you have time to play on 4 different courses.</div><p>Go by your car by the archipelago ferries from Osnäs/Vuosnainen in Åboland to Åva, Brändö.</p><p>Next ferry is Torsholma - Lappo, DiscGolf at Lappo DGP and stay overnight at Pellas Gästhem. </p><p>Next day a ferry Lappo - Kumlinge, and Seglinge DGP. Continue Kumlinge - Hummelvik for Sandösunds GBP. </p><p>Finish your trip in Mariehamn, Lions GBP.</p><p>Book your accomodation and we then help you with reservation of the archipelago ferries. Send an e-mail to [email protected]</p>