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Åland Swimrun 2021

på Käringsund Resort & Conference
There are four different distances and totally 16 different classes (7 single, 9 duo) in Åland Swimrun.

Tough Enough that is a real challenge of 51 km in the tough, outer Åland archipelago.
Beautiful Enough that is about 15km in slightly lighter terrain but still nothing for the beginner!
Short Enough that is approx 9.5km where the swimming takes place on quieter water than the 15km distance and is simply a little shorter, easier and more beginner friendly than Beautiful Enough.
Quick Enough and is the short (4.5km) and beginner-friendly route suitable for those who wants to try swimrun, for younger participants (no lower age limit) or as a family-distance.
Quick Enough is also suitable as a warm up race for those participating in any of Saturday’s distances.